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 modded cod waw zombie svg + download

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PostSubject: modded cod waw zombie svg + download    Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:47 am

my multiple menu for cod waw zombie svg work on solo and zombies
and it has 12 menu and 12 svgs

download link [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

main menu
dpad up give all
dpad down dropweapon
dpad left god mode
dpad right noclip

toggle menu
dpad up toggle gamespeed
dpad down toggle playerspeed
dpad left toggle gravity
dpad right toggle jump height

vison menu
dpad up toggle CARTOON VISION
dpad down toggle SNOW VISION
dpad left toggle FLAME VISION
dpad right toggle CHROME VISION

fun menu
dpad up paintball on
dpad down paintball off
dpad left shoot to revive on
dpad right shoot to revive off

random menu
dpad up unlimted ammo
dpad down toggle pro mod
dpad left delete all zombies on the map
dpad right toggle laser sight

host menu
up toggle thirdperson
left dirtyharry on
right dirtyharry off

arcade menu
dpad up toggle arcademode on/off
dpad down score laststand 1000000
dpad left score revive 100000
dpad right score morphine 1000000

prestige menu
dpad up 10th
dpad down 9th
dpad left 8th
dpad right 7th

dvars this dvars activate when you press back button
far revive
far melee
force host
triple tap
dead zombie float up
BleedoutTime ca 5 min
dogs dont move
random box dont move

code is the same as dvar
bowie knife power
bowie knife reacets faster
fast realod
bullet penetrate
draws fps

kick menu
dpad up kick player 2
dpad right kick player 3
dpad left kick player 4
dpad down kick all

game menu
dpad up toggle freeze zombies
dpad down wallhack
dpad left notarget
dpad right toggle fog

it is more dvar in the svgs

1 Make a savegame
2 Go to System settings Memory Hard Drive, then move your savegame and you xbox live account on to you USB
3 Open up Modio
4 drag my savegame and your savegame into modio and change the Profile and Device ids from your savegame and copy and paste it into mine
5 Now put your USB back into your xbox, Leave the Savegame and your xbox live account on your USB
6 Load up World at War and press start and it should pop up with a thing Saying if you want to load up your USB or Hard Drive Click USB
7 Resume the campaign, Press the back button to see if it works if it works it should say Main Menu
8 Keep Repeating stages 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 svg
9 Once you have done the last save just click on xbox live and your done
10 invite friends and have fun

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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modded cod waw zombie svg + download
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