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 Mw2 Modded Spec ops Bind Menu + Download Link

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PostSubject: Mw2 Modded Spec ops Bind Menu + Download Link   Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:42 am

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Download Link
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Random Menu
dpad down:pro mod
dpad left:Tiggis Text
dpad right:laser Sight

Main Menu
dpad up:noclip
dpad down:god mode
dpad left:notarget
dpad right:dropweapon

Game Menu
dpad up:gamespeed
dpad down:jump Height
dpad left:player speed
dpad right:gravity

Toggle Menu
dpad up:no burst
dpad down:Wallhack
dpad left:Akimbo fal,Thumper
dpad right:unlimted ammo

Speed Menu
dpad up:sprintspeedscale
dpad down:strafespeedscale
dpad left:backspeedscale

Vision Menu
dpad up:snow
dpad down:Rainbow
dpad left:chrome
dpad right:cartoon
1: Add SaveGame to Device
2: Go to MW2 Resume Campaign
3: Save and Quit
4: Go to Main Menu Special Ops
5: Two Player Online
6: When promted to select a map Press B
7: If you have a CheckerBoard Map
8: invite friend or someone start game
9: press back button you sould see menu
10: end game and Play Solo

if you want to play this online with friend must your friend do same thing with svg
or it will not work becouse you and friend will see diffrent things
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Mw2 Modded Spec ops Bind Menu + Download Link
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